Meaningful Learning with Technology (4th Edition) by Jane L. Howland

Meaningful Learning with Technology (4th Edition)

Book Title: Meaningful Learning with Technology (4th Edition)

Publisher: Pearson

ISBN: 0132565587

Author: Jane L. Howland

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Jane L. Howland with Meaningful Learning with Technology (4th Edition)

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Grounded in constructivist teachings, this popular text demonstrates how teachers can use technology to engage and support meaningful learning of their students.


Organized around learning processes such as inquiring, experimenting, writing, modeling, community building, communicating, designing, visualizing, and assessing, Meaningful Learning with Technology, Fourth Edition, demonstrates for the reader how learners can use different technologies for meaningful learning. Numerous examples from teachers in K-12 classrooms, give readers a clear understanding of how technology can be used with different types of students, including expanded coverage of effective technology use with young learners.


All chapters now present learning objectives as well as ISTE NETS for Students and 21st Century Skills that may be met through the learning activities described.  The text is further strengthened by the inclusion of practical application with technologies that many teachers currently use; discussion of widely available web-based tools for learning and collaboration; and the addition of Assessing Meaningful Teaching and Learning rubrics which give readers a tool for reflecting on their practice. Each chapter extends learning by culminating with questions and issues for readers to think about.