Homeschooling: Why and How by gail nagasako

Homeschooling:  Why and How

Book Title: Homeschooling: Why and How

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1495349810

Author: gail nagasako

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gail nagasako with Homeschooling: Why and How

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Find out why homeschooling may be the best choice and discover how to do it in the way that best fits you and your family. I wrote Homeschooling: Why and How because overwhelmed parents kept calling and emailing me with the same questions even though they had read other books and done on-line research. There is so much information everywhere that it can be daunting, and difficult to know where to start. The basics get lost in the chaos of too much information. Homeschooling: Why and How is unique in addressing homeschooling hows and whys in a simple, easy to understand manner. Here are a few of the comments readers have made: ....I read your book and it was the best, most down to earth, easy to follow book on homeschooling I have read.” It’s amazing what loving and wise words can do. My confidence soared…. I received my book yesterday! I wanted to read all night… I’m enjoying it because 1. It is easy to read & 2. It’s encouraging. This book has helped re-ignite a spark of excitement and a sense of confidence that I have made the right decision with my children. Thank you once again for writing such an amazing, eye opening book. Reading your information helped me to realize that my child and I can succeed. …. your book has given me a boost of energy. Gail, I wanted to tell you it did NOT take me this long to read your book; it’s just that reading your book was so momentous that it created a beautiful shift in our family. It was a great opportunity for me to read yet another homeschooling book (my seventh), and yours was so powerful and accessible that it seemed to be the catalyst for change…(my daughter) is excited too. She thinks it is extremely “cool” that she can do math in her pajamas. Homeschooling: Why and How is endorsed by teachers, special education specialists, mothers, and children, and most notably, John Taylor Gatto New York State Teacher of the year, three-time Manhattan Teacher of the Year. author of Dumbing Us Down, The Underground History of American Education, Weapons of Mass Instruction, and more. This refreshingly approachable, well-documented homeschooling resource will: *Give you confidence that you can do an excellent job of meeting the educational needs of your child, whether that need is for extra help, extra challenge or a chance to pursue a passion not offered in schools. *Dispel the myth that homeschooled children miss out on positive socialization. *Give you real life stories and examples of the many ways families educate their children and the benefits for their children and their families. *Provide you with many resources and examples of various approaches. Even if you decide not to homeschool your child you can use these to enrich your children’s educational experiences outside of the classroom. *Share enough facts about the successes of homeschooled children to convince even the most doubting friend or family member.